100 | Marriage, Theology, Community, and Perspective

Welcome to triple digits! We’ve hit episode 100 in The Grace Cafe Podcast. This episode is a conversation about 4 areas of our lives that are radically different than they were when we were in the midst of performance-based Christianity (PBC). After our crash and burn out of PBC the Holy Spirit began doing things in our lives in each of these areas as we moved further and further away from PBC and into a more complete understanding of what it means to have the life of God in us and us in Him, apart from institutional religion. Here’s the 4 areas of our story that we talk about:

  • Marriage
  • Theology
  • Community
  • Perspective

Along the way we give a shoutout to our friends at the Growing in Grace Podcast. Here’s a link to that podcast:

Growing in Grace Podcast


099 | Did the Father Pour His Wrath on Jesus at the Cross and Abandon Him There?

Welcome to episode 99 of The Grace Cafe Podcast. This episode is centered around the question, “Did the Father Pour His Wrath on Jesus at the Cross and abandon Him there?” Our friends Greg and Kim join us via Zoom and asked us this question. During our conversation, a couple other questions arose related to it: “Did Jesus descend into hell when he died?” and “What is baptism for the dead?”

Since this episode is a little longer than usual, here are the timestamps marking the beginning of each topic in case you want to go directly to that spot:

  • 00:00 – Episode 99
  • 00:40 – Introduction
  • 02:24 – Did the Father Abandon Jesus at the Cross and Abandon Him There?
  • 51:50 – Did Jesus Spend 3 Days in Hell?
  • 01:09:03 – What is Baptism for the Dead?

Grab your favorite beverage and enjoy!

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098 | A Weaponized Faith

Welcome to episode 98 of The Grace Cafe Podcast. Let’s talk about some of the ways institutional Christianity has trained us to weaponize our faith and to weaponize our understanding of the Bible, especially when dealing with others whose opinions differ from our own and with whom we disagree.

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097 | Religion Detox

Welcome to episode 97 of The Grace Cafe Podcast. This episode is a free-flowing conversation about our own detox from institutional religion and ways our thinking has changed over the years as we’ve distanced ourselves from performance-based Christianity and religious obligation. Our conversation revealed to us how much influence, control, and manipulation organized religion can have over us, all in the name of Jesus, while keeping us from fully experiencing Jesus. We hope you find encouragement in this episode as you listen in. 

This is our last episode for 2020. Starting in 2021, we will be dropping two episodes per month. We hope your holiday celebrations are the very best and we will see you again in 2021.


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096 | Be Kind to Yourself

Welcome to episode 96 of The Grace Cafe Podcast. After a much needed break, we settled in behind the podcast mics to talk about life during these weird Covid times and the importance of being kind to yourself. This free-flowing conversation touches on many subjects related to life under a global pandemic as we catch you up a little with what’s been going on with us. Links we talked about in this episode:

It’s good to be back. Enjoy!

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095 | Our Identity in Jesus Informs Our Story

Welcome to episode 95 of the Grace Cafe Podcast. After a four month hiatus, we’re back! We thought we would pick back up by talking about how the way we view our journey out of performance-based faith continues to change, as our understanding of who we are in Jesus becomes more clear. Knowing who you are in Jesus can’t be overstated! It’s our security during times of change when life around us seems out of control. Our identity in Jesus never changes because he never changes.

We don’t rehearse the details of our story again in this episode. Those details are woven throughout this podcast in different episodes and in blog posts on the Grace Cafe Journal. We reference several of those resources in this episode and the links are below for your convenience.

Previous Podcast Episodes Related to our Story:

Previous Blog Posts Related to our Story:


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094 | Adding To The Noise

Welcome to episode 94 of The Grace Cafe Podcast. We hope that you all are coping well with this global pandemic we find ourselves in. None of us have experienced anything like this before. It’s a first for all of us and it’s normal to have fears, worries, and uncertainties. We have them too. We talk about that in this episode as well as the additional noise that social media adds to our lives and Mike’s decision to leave Facebook because of that noise.

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093 | When You Get to that One Year

Welcome to episode 93 of The Grace Cafe Podcast. This episode is the result of a lot of conversations the two of us have had over the last 5-6 weeks as the trajectory of our lives has undergone a definitive shift. A friend of ours, Matt McMillen, recently put this quote on Instagram:

“Sometimes it takes 10 years to get that 1 year that will change your life.” 

Matt McMillen

Matt’s quote was a catalyst that brought clarity and defined more precisely what we’ve been experiencing and talking about for the last 5-6 weeks. We invite you to listen in. We think you’ll be encouraged.

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