042 | Pictures of Jesus: Compassion and Love

Welcome to episode 42 of the Grace Cafe Podcast. In this episode we take a look at some snapshots of Jesus in the New Testament. We don’t mean literal pictures but short snippets some of the New Testament writers give us regarding Jesus’ compassion and love for humanity. We then remind ourselves that these same attributes of compassion and love belong to the Father as well because Jesus said that anyone who has seen him, has seen the Father and the New Testament also describes Jesus as the exact representation of the Father. Many times, religion steals this from us and instead, gives us a Father who is angry and vindictive.

We think that’s a gross misrepresentation of what God is like. So let’s explore this idea. Grab your favorite beverage, get comfortable, and let’s talk about the Father’s amazing compassion and love for us.

Here’s a link to Mike’s blog post called The Prodigal’s Father that we allude to in this episode.


Photo by juan pablo rodriguez on Unsplash

Author: Mike Adams

Husband, dad, papa, blogger, podcaster, tired and retired.

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