087 | A Frank Discussion About Women in the Church

Welcome to episode 87 of The Grace Cafe Podcast. Sarah Knaub joins Susan in this episode as they talk about the church’s dismissive view of women. This excellent conversation was prompted by John MacArthur’s “go home” statement directed toward Beth Moore. Susan and Sarah’s conversation is loaded with rich and important content. Roles, submission, spiritual gifts, personal preference, teaching, marriage, men, children, strength, and theology are just a few of the topics this episode covers. Push play and join the conversation. Share it with a friend and subscribe in your favorite podcast app or on iHeartRadio.

We interviewed Sarah once before in episode 18 where we talked about the church and mental illness.


Photo by John Bussell on Unsplash

Author: Mike Adams

Husband, dad, papa, blogger, podcaster, tired and retired.

One thought on “087 | A Frank Discussion About Women in the Church”

  1. Thank you Sarah and Susan. This was excellent! I feel very thankful to have gotten free from some of the oppressive, made-up religious stuff during my single years, and that I had a chance to more fully become my unique self in Jesus before meeting my husband. I thank God that I had a chance to grow more confident, and stop believing lies about my identity as a woman. My husband is a very confident, secure, loving, strong, and kind man, and was the first man I dated who was not scared of my freedom. In fact, he rejoices in the strong, unique, capable woman God made me to be. And the fact that he supports my freedom only makes me admire and respect and love him even more. I know our relationship is much healthier because we encourage each other to be our real selves in Christ, regardless of how some church cultures codify gender roles.


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