Welcome to the New Home of The Grace Cafe Podcast!

You’ve reached the new website for The Grace Cafe Podcast. All of our past episodes are here and new episodes will post here as they become available. Feel free to use the contact page to reach out to us anytime. We hope you enjoy your stay!

064 | An Important Update From The Grace Cafe

Welcome to episode 64 of The Grace Cafe Podcast. We hope your summer is going swell! This short episode is an important update outlining some of the changes going on with us at The Grace Cafe. In order to save on some of our monthly podcast and blog expenses, we’ve moved The Grace Cafe and UnSunday Show websites to a free hosting service. I’ve noticed that some of you prefer to download and listen to our podcast episodes via a web browser, so you’re going to need this information.

From this point forward, please point your web browser to the new podcast site at https://gracecafepodcast.com and it will take you to our new podcast website. The existing website will be going away soon, so please visit the new site at https://gracecafepodcast.com and subscribe to receive email notifications of new episodes if that is how you prefer to listen.

If you listen on a podcast app instead of a web browser, you don’t need to do anything. You’ll still be notified of new episodes in your app and all of the archived episodes are still available on your app and on the new web site.

The Grace Cafe Blog is now called The Grace Cafe Journal and you’ll see the link to it on the new podcast site. See you again in September!


Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash